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Find tranquility and serenity on your vacation at Khao Lak hotels. About 100 kilometers from the noisy hordes in Phuket is the serene and quiet Khao Lak. Here the golden beaches are quiet and offer more privacy with Khao Lak displaying a collection of small communities and townships.

Like the rest of Thailand, one of the main activities to be had here is diving and snorkeling. Khao Lak is a big base for trips to the Similan Islands. The Similan Islands are widely acknowledged as the best dive site in Thailand. The Similan Islands are a national park and consists of nine beautiful emerald islands. Similan Islands are closed for a few months every year for the monsoon season and to allow the marine life around the islands to recover from invasions to their natural life.

Absorb the Tranquility of a Great Getaway

Khao Lak is a throwback to Phukets early days as a resort town. Because of laws preventing high rise buildings and the declaration of the whole area as a national park, Khao Laks development has been well regulated. Like Krabi, the city of Khao Lak has its fair share of densely forested mountain, thundering waterfalls and mind-boggling rock formations. It has almost 25 kilometers of coastline with all of it being enchanting. Different beaches cater to different segments of travelers. Bang Sak Beach is the best chance at a deserted beach while Bang Niang attracts families and offers family friendly activities. Khuk Khak is a fast expanding beach which offers some superb beach side dining. All the beaches have gorgeous golden sands hemmed in between lines of swaying palms on one side and a crashing sea on the other.

Bang on La, the first town on the way from Phuket has all the dining and touristy options desired. A mere ten minutes away is Bang Niang, the fastest growing township. There are many hotels and resorts here catering to visitors who want the sun, sea and sand with creature comforts but away from the bustling crowds of Phuket. The resorts are aimed at family oriented tourists who shy away from the louder party atmosphere of Phuket. Bang Niang is also a great place to get a massage and there are many massage parlors which have mushroomed around the beach and resort area. Khao Lak village, a few minutes away from the beach, has shops selling essentials as well as restaurants. Most of them have excellent seafood options.

Khao Lak is ideal for the intrepid traveler who wants to get away from the crowded tourist Thailand and is looking for some peace and serenity instead. Accommodation is varied and the traveler can choose from graceful old Thai bungalows to prestigious resorts. Most places will offer easy access to the beach and views of the gorgeous coastline. The resorts tend to offer villas or bungalows rather than rooms, which allows for privacy while enjoying the comforts of a hotel. For families looking for a nice vacation and honeymooners for a private getaway choosing a wonderful and refreshing Khao Lak hotel is ideal.

Khao Lak offers the Best Accommodation Rooms and Attractions
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Enjoy The Attractions Of Khao Lak

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This article was published on 2011/02/23