The Most Famous Beaches to Visit in New South Wales

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Australia is one of the best beach destinations in the world. Not only is the country home to a massive number of beaches, many of those beaches are famous and known throughout the world for their beauty and the unique experiences they offer. Though there are plenty of smaller, lesser known and overall more remote beaches worth an off-road trip to visit, many campervan travelers in Australia will want to make sure they’ve hit up the most famous beaches their country has to offer.
Many of the country’s most famous beaches are located in New South Wales, campervan hire Australia and are well-worth hitting the open road to explore and experience.
Bondi Beach
If Bondi Beach doesn’t take the prize of being the most popular beach in all of New South Wales it certainly deserves a place near the top of that list. Located near Sydney, Bondi Beach makes an excellent first stop on a campervan journey through New South Wales.
Not only is Bondi Beach one of New South Wales’ most popular and well-known hot-spots, it’s also one of the area’s oldest attractions. Bondi Beach was first opened up to the public in the middle of the 19th century where it was first intended for picnics and for the development of an amusement center. The beach proved to be so popular that its owner came very close to shutting it down and marking it off once more as private land. In order to keep the beach open to the public the local government stepped in and designated the land as a public reserve. Since then Bondi Beach has operated for well over 100 years as public land belonging to the people of Australia.
There are many attractions at Bondi Beach contributing to its massive popularity. Whales and dolphins can be seen from the shore during their migrations, and the occasional penguin sighting further drums up interest among visitors and locals alike. Surfing is a popular past time at Bondi Beach, as is beach volleyball and various swimming clubs. Still, the majority of visitors to Bondi Beach simply appreciate having a beautiful and well-maintained plot of land right on the water to while away the hours.
Due to its proximity to Sydney, Bondi beach makes a good stop on any campervan trip through New South Wales. If you’re starting out at Sydney then Bondi Beach makes a great first stop on your journey, and the beach also makes a worthwhile attraction to check out if you’re swinging back to Sydney to restock or reconnect with settled civilization.
Byron Bay
Of course Bondi Beach isn’t the only popular public waterfront destination in New South Wales, as Byron Bay brings in plenty of visitors, tourists and locals throughout the year. While Bondi Beach is great for a short trip on your way to or from Sydney, Byron Bay is worth taking a separate trip to and offers enough attractions to easily convince you to stay a few days to explore before taking your campervan back on the road.
Byron Bay is the eastern most point on the Australian mainland has only really taken off in popularity over the last 40 years but it has already made a name for itself as an excellent surfing destination, a great resort hub, and a very diverse biosphere. In addition to the beach itself, Byron Bay is surrounded by incredible rainforests filled with excellent walking trails and adventure opportunities. It is a short drive to the border with Queensland and is also situated close to Ballina, where the nearest airport is. Make sure you visit the Old Northern pub whilst in town. It is the local “must see” hotspot and regularly has live bands and performers. Most of the top Australian bands play here on the way through between Sydney and Brisbane and some international acts also like to drop in here. There are plenty of places to park a campervan to sleep the night both in town and slightly out of town. It is a great place to relax for a couple of days before continuing your journey, but make sure you check your calendar, if there are music festivals on at the time the place will pack out and you can hardly move, making it a very exciting time but a time when the “relaxing” makes way for crowded partying. It can be very hard to find places to stay or park a campervan at these times.



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The Most Famous Beaches to Visit in New South Wales

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The Most Famous Beaches to Visit in New South Wales

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