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The pristine Naxos island is not only the largest but also the most beautiful of islands in the Cyclades. Providing white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, an astonishing mountainous area and vivacious green valleys, a lot of people are attracted to take holidays to Naxos Cyclades Greece. Visitors might include couples of all ages including honeymooners, families, trekkers, cyclists and windsurfers many of which might be looking for Naxos budget accommodation to suit their pocket. There is the Naxos stay near beach if you would rather spend your time soaking up the sun and engaging in water sports or if you might like to explore the town you could opt for Naxos stay in center.

The Naxos island has as many as 90 miles of coastline which cover some of the best Mediterranean beaches. These golden beaches often have bamboo and sandy dunes to back them and clear blue waters. Most of the beaches have tavernas dotted all over. The south east coast basically has beaches that are not crowded and they get more quiet and untouched as you go even further south. The beaches found on the east coast of the Naxos island are more secluded than the rest. There are plenty of beaches here but make sure that your list of things to do in Naxos includes visiting the Agios Prokopis which is just three miles from the capital, Agios Georgios found in Naxos Town and quiet Plaka beach. Naxos budget accommodation is available at plenty of places.

The Naxos island draws a lot of windsurfers to the beaches of Plaka, Mikri Vigla and Agios Georgios where one can enjoy the breeze, the shallow water which is nice and warm and breathtaking surroundings. There are plenty of lagoons, offshore flat reefs and bays which are ideal for windsurfing. Other water sports that you can indulge in include fishing, water-skiing, canoeing, snorkeling, wake-boarding and kite-surfing. Naxos budget accommodation like Naxos stay near beach is also available so you can be close to whatever you choose, the Naxos sightseeings or other things to do in Naxos.

Beaches are not the only part of the Naxos island. There are plenty of traditional villages dotted with whitewashed houses including fishing villages such as Apollonas in the north, old ruins and so many Byzantine churches just waiting for you to explore so you can opt for Naxos budget accommodation around here as well. You can spend a day in the Naxos Town moving through its narrow lanes as you see the Venetian castle, houses, tavernas and churches. If you move inland you will find villages, countryside and mountains in all their pristine glory. There are plenty of trails and paths that criss-cross all over the Naxos island. You can hike or walk through the orchards or olive groves while at the same time discovering the castles, monasteries and churches on the island. There is plenty of Naxos budget accommodation so you can take your pick.

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Travel Guide for Naxos Island

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This article was published on 2011/08/15